Modern Garden Rooms Scotland

Looking for Garden Rooms Scotland? We design and build garden rooms throughout Scotland including Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Many people find the separation of a garden room from the main house very appealing, in particular if they plan on using it as a garden office, treatment room, home gym or perhaps a music room. Another great advantage of modern garden rooms is that they rarely require planning permission. With traditional house extensions being ever more costly and potentially complicated, it’s easy to see why many people are now choosing a garden rooms as an alternative. Our garden buildings can be pre-constructed and installed on location with the minimum of fuss.  


The Cube is a traditional, standard shaped garden room and a very poplar garden office. The square design and elevation of the Cube style room gives a basic contemporary look. Although, the features and standards of the Cube are anything but basic. These rooms are available with a choice of modern patio window or French doors and additional side windows, making them both a versatile and attractive option. Like all of the concept garden room design options the Cube offers all the indoor comfort of a standard house room with the freedom and space of your garden.

Due to the modular design of the Cube Garden Room we can manufacture and install your building within 7-10 days. Whether you plan on using your additional space as a home office, garden room, gym or just some extra living space, adding a garden room is a great option. Also, like all of the other design options our rooms can be bespoke to your own personal requirements


The Veranda room has been designed for modern living and the ideal choice for family living as well as being a great space to socialise. Available in a variety of sizes and easily personalised to suit your own requirements. As with the other style options at concept garden rooms, these rooms are available with a choice of modern patio window or French doors and additional side windows. The veranda area has got the great advantage of offering shelter without worrying about the rain or although unusual – too much sun or any other weather elements. These rooms could not be any more versatile and lend themselves to so many uses.


As with our other modular designs, the Veranda Garden Room can be manufactured and installed within 2 weeks. The Veranda style option is extremely versatile and suited to a wide variety of uses. Another great advantage of these rooms is how easily they can be personalised to meet you own personal requirements, such as additional widows to create a light, open space. Add additional decking to create a great multi-functional living area. Many homeowners even use the veranda garden room to accommodate their hot tub.


The canopy is a very popular design and available in several sizes. These rooms are extremely versatile and an ideal choice if you are looking to add extra space to your home. The design works perfectly for a wide variety of uses and can easily be combined with an optional decking area. Like all of the other options from concept garden rooms the Canopy rooms are available with a choice of modern patio windows or French doors and additional side windows.

The modular design of the Canopy Room allows us to manufacture and install your building within 2 weeks. Whether you intend on using your extra space as a garden room, gym, bar or perhaps just some extra space, this is an ideal option.

As with all our design options the Canopy designed garden room can be made unique and bespoke to your own personal requirements


The L-Shaped garden room has been designed to suit those looking to add additional space to their home with the potential for dual purpose use. The impressive corner profile of allows homeowners to incorporate any combination of doors and windows, allowing the outdoors into their garden room. As with our other garden room designs the L-Shaped rooms are available with the option of patio window or French doors  and choice of windows. Making them both a versatile and attractive option.

Ideal for both work and leisure. If you work from home or would benefit from a home office or study these rooms are perfect. They can easily be divided into a designated office where you can take advantage of the quiet and privacy of a garden room, whilst still retain an area for leisure and relaxation.

These rooms along with the other concept garden room designs work very well with their own designated decking area

Included as Standard

Do I Require Planning Permission for Garden Rooms Scotland?

The simple answer to ‘Do garden rooms scotland require planning permission’?  Is No!  However, there are a few considerations to ensure this remains the case with your own particular build.

Q. What is the garden room being used for?

A. Garden rooms that are being used for things you don’t normally do in your main house, for example games rooms, gyms, separate entertainment areas, studios etc do not require planning permission. These uses can be viewed as ‘incidental use’ or in simple terms secondary use.

However, if your intended use includes inhabiting the building as sleeping accommodation this would no longer be viewed in the same way and would require planning permission. 

Below points summarise the planning restrictions.

  • Structure is erected toward the rear of your property
  • A minimum 50% of the garden remains undeveloped.
  • Maximum height of the eaves is no higher than 3 meters
  • The property is not situated within a conservation area
  • The property is not a listed building

Building regulations are often confused with planning permission and building warrants and thought of as one thing, but this is not the case. There is no requirement to comply with building regulations if below points are adhered to

  • Structure is less than 30m2.
  • Is not connected to mains water or drainage.
  • Is minimum of 1 meter from boundary.

No need to worry….  

If your planned garden room or the use of your building requires either planning permission or building warrant we can take if this on your behalf. We will also advise beforehand any changes that may need to be made to satisfy local authority.

Top Uses For Garden Rooms

Garden Bar

Garden Office