Home Gyms Throughout Scotland

Due to the versatility of modern garden rooms and what they can be used for, we regularly come across new uses, more so in recent months. However, without doubt, one of the most popular uses is the ‘Home Gym’. Having your own gym is extremely practical and is the ideal solution for those with busy or timetabled lifestyles. Whether your home gym will be your primary place to work out or not, its advantages and benefits are countless.

Imagine not having to waste time commuting to the gym. Having the ability to walk into the gym at any time, meaning your 45-minute workout will actually only take 45 minutes! Hence, freeing up more time to spend with friends and family or concentrate on another hobby. The home gym is also a simple solution to the very common problem of simply having a busy lifestyle or working unsociable hours. Home gyms are open 24/7 and stay open on holidays, no need to worry about deadlines or being forced into timetabling your workout into a busy work schedule

Home Gym Scotland

Custom Built Home Gym

Invite your friends without having to sign in. Simply blast the music and workout without having to worry about waiting for equipment or how long you’re taking on whatever you’re doing.

So whether you’re into powerlifting, bodybuilding, functional fitness or training for your next race, you have the ability to pick the equipment most suited to the workouts you plan on performing.
You’ll also have the ability to customise your garden room design as all our garden buildings are designed and built to your exact requirements. Make it exactly how you want and create a motivational space you’ll want to spend time in.

Prices from £9,750 - POA