Garden Offices Scotland

Many employers and business owners are now recognising the advantages of working from home. With the plus points including less distractions, improved mood and productivity, and creating your own individually designed work space, it’s easy to see the appeal. That’s not to mention saving the time and getting rid of the costs associated with commuting.

With the popularity of home working looking set to continue, so does the requirement for a suitable working environment. In particular, something away from the everyday distractions of the main house. Previously a home office within the main house was often the first choice when looking for a ‘working from home’ solution. This initially sounds like a win, win scenario. But think about trying to keep on top of your workload with all those everyday distractions. However, this problem is solved by the better idea of a ‘Garden Room’.

Firstly, with a garden room is deciding how to create the right space specific to your needs. At Concept we have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the garden office layout you require. We know you’ll require sockets close to desks, need natural light within the room, designated wall areas for desks and cabinets. Do you require the office layout to lend itself to meeting clients?
All questions and considerations when creating your very own personal work space.

We’d love to hear from you and offer a free, no obligation survey, where we can visit your home and discuss all the options available to you as well as let you know what site preparation would be required prior to installation.

Prices from £9,750 - POA