Any Questions?


The answer is Yes! However, if you connect water for a toilet, shower or perhaps a sink you will need to connect to your existing supply and in turn require permission from your local authority. Our team can apply for this on your behalf, although an additional fee will apply.

Alternatively, to avoid the costs of applying to local authority you can opt for fresh water tanks. These would work similar to a caravan or other welfare facilities, where you fill a tank with fresh water and which the waste empties into another tank. This is a common and very practical solution when connecting to your existing supply is not an option

Our installation includes connecting an armoured cable directly from your main house supply. This will be buried underground and hooked up to a consumer unit.

Generally in Scotland, ancillary buildings do not require planning permission. Unless…

  • The building exceeds a size of 30m2 or takes up an area greater than 50% of your garden.
  • Any part of the building within 1mtr of the boundary is no higher than 2.5 metres.
  • Requires water and drainage.
  • The underside of the roof is no higher than 3 metres.
  • You are not using the building to live in.
  • Is built within a conservation area or listed building.

This is always subject to a survey of the premises and dependant on certain factors, such as ground conditions. In most cases we will use a concrete base but can if required use  alternative options such as a concrete groundscrew systems. We will always discuss the laying of foundations and positioning of your building at the survey stage and explain best methods for your particular project

Yes! Our garden rooms are super insulated with rigid insulation and constructed to the highest standard. Designed and built for ‘All Year Round’ use and sure to keep you warm during the cold winter weather.

Absolutely! That’s why our range of garden rooms doesn’t stop at standard model ranges or size options. There really is no need to compromise, we’re always delighted to hear your ideas. We can configure our garden rooms to fit your own exact requirements and lifestyle.